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Lucky Patcher is an Android app that can be used for removing and deleting all the in-app ads. It gives you control over the apps which you have installed. You can not only remove ads but also create a backup of other apps too. If you are searching for a perfect app for solving your problems, then this is one of the best tools for your Android devices. Below I will add the features about download Lucky Patcher.

Features of Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher is one of the best apps that have many unique, remarkable features. Below I will be sharing some of these features of Lucky Patcher.

  • The first and foremost features of Lucky Patcher is its proficiency to remove and delete all the advertisements from the Android apps.
  • This tool also allows you to modify apps permission.
  • It also allows you to remove license verification from the specified apps which mean downloading apps from other sites instead of Google Play Store will lead to license verification failed.
  • With the help of this tool, you can remove all the pre-installed apps on your Android devices.
  • You can have a rooted and un-rooted devices to make use of all the features. You can get all the list of your installed apps once you install and use Lucky Patcher.
  • It is very easy to use, and on a single screen, you can control all your apps that are available on your device.

These are some of the main features of Lucky Patcher. Below I will guide you with the easy downloading process.

How to download and Install Lucky Patcher?

Downloading and installing the app is the easiest way. So, here I will guide through the process.

  • Firstly you must visit Google and download Lucky Patcher alternatives
  • Block all the warning from the settings and enable the unknown sources.
  • Follow all the instructions which are provided.
  • After installation, you are good to go and enjoy the app.

Lucky Patcher is an incredible app for your Android devices as well as for your PC. With the help of this app, you can remove many advertisements. I recommend you to use this app and enjoy the benefits.

How To Hack In App Purchases With Lucky Patcher

Almost everyone regards smartphone as a part of their life. There are millions of apps in Google Play. Altough most apps are free, nevertheless there are still many apps are free for basic vision or just a demo app. If you want the pro vision with the full features, you have to pay for it.

Today KingoRoot will show you the way of how to hack these apps. So that you may have chance of using  the full featured app without paing for it.

Just follow simple ways below.

Method 1:

1)Lunch Lucky patcher apk and grant root access.

2)You may minimize or close Lucky patcher at this moment and launch the app which you want to get the Pro vision or the paid vision.

3)Go to purchase section and click on buy or pro vision or anything that is written in your app.

4)Now the Lucky patcher’s window opens itself instead of google in app purchase box. In that window you will see “Do you want to try to get this app for free” as shown in screen shots below and Select “yes”. Non-rooted user Click on “send reply to application(Unsigned).

5)Done. Now you hacked the In app purchase successfully. If the app is supported, then the thing you are trying to download starts downloading or the feature you want Unlock will be unlocked.

(You may also do as described below to increase your chance of success)

1)Open Lucky patcher apk and find Google play store.

2)Tap on it and select “open menu of patches”

3)You will see a warning window saying “It is a system app ….”, select ok.

4)Tap on “Custom pach” and select the first one “” and tap apply.

5)Reboot your device.

6)Now act method 1 again.

Applying custom patch to google play store will increase your chance of success.

If you want to disable the Lucky patcher’s automatically open, please follow steps below:

1)Open Lucky patcher and go to toolbox at bottom left corner.

2)Select ‘Disable google Billing emulation’.

Method 2:

1)Open Lucky patcher and find the app you want to hack the in app purchasement.

2)If in app purchasement available, you will see “In app purchases found” below the app.

3)Long press on the app or just tap on the app and click on “open menu of patches”.

4)Select “Support patch for In app and LVL emulation.

5)Select apply, wait until it finishes. After that your device will reboot automatically.

If your patch was successful, you may say goodbye to the obnoxious google in app emulation window, that used to come when you select to buy something. You can buy anything for free.

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